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Who can submit a paper ?
Submission is open to academics and (top) PhD candidates, as well as professionals (executives, directors, consultants, etc.).

What topics are eligible ?
Any topics related to Management, Economics or Finance. We gladly accept non-conventionnal topics or cross-disciplinary papers, as long as they have something to do with business in general.

What is expected in terms of analysis ?
Something relatively simple. Your paper must not be understandable only to specialists, but also to people who have some knowledge of the topic, such as university or business school students, executives, etc.

And what about the form ?
It must be as lively and passionating as possible. Stories and illustrations are welcome. As for the length, there is no real standard but more than 6 pages, say Times New Roman 12 single spaced would be too much.

Are academic papers eligible ?
No, but we gladly accept simplified version of academic papers. The only reason you may send us an academic paper is if you want to make sure that we would be interested in the topic before taking the time to vulgarize it.

I have submitted my paper. When and how will I know if it has been accepted ?
For the how, we'll send you an e-mail. For the when, we try to be as reactive as possible and generally give an answer within two weeks. If you have not receive an answer by then, do not hesitate to write us and ask.

I'm ready and I want to submit a paper!
Great! Just send it to us as an attached file! In case the link does not work properly, our e-mail adress is editor [ at ] rimefi [ dot ] com