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While hard sciences enjoy a large number of popular reviews that spread the last discoveries and theories outside the academic world, no light is shed on management sciences, economics or finance. Our objective is to remedy this situation by supplying academics, businesses, and political spheres with the latest knowledge from scientific research in management and economics  
RIMEFI is not another economic news website: while dealing with the hottest issues, we focus on delivering to our readers the tools to decrypt and analyze, themselves, the economy they live in.
In this perspective, top academics, in our columns, have a say they rarely have outside the scientific community.

Our electronic journal aims to widespread scientific knowledge in management outside the academic world. 
RIMEFI makes accessible scientific research to students, managers and researchers. 

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Rimefi logbook

11/18/2013 : Official launching announcement !

We have corrected some display issues, although readers who use old browsers may still experience some difficulties. We will continue to work on the architecture and interface of the website as we feel they can be improved. Do not hesitate to report any encountered issue.

More papers to come, as well as a French full version of the site.

10/02/2013 : Launching of RIMEFI's website!

After several months of reflexion and efforts, we are happy to release this very first version of The website is still under development as we plan on improving the user interface, add content, and provide a French version of the site and papers. We will let you know the new features of the site in this logbook.

We are deeply thankful to all these who have made this possible, and particularly to authors. All comments and feedback will be truly appreciated. See the Feedback link on top of this page.